A lot is happening now!

And much of it has to do with my trio, The Beethoven Project Trio, as we are recording in New York! To follow all of this, please visit our blog at www.InternationalBeethovenProject.com.

2 responses to “A lot is happening now!

  1. helen karkazis

    It was a sincere pleasure to hear the
    beethoven Trio in Northbrook.
    Unfortunately I could not attend in
    New York but George and his two
    associate performers were outstanding.
    Hope the best for all of them.

  2. helen karkazis

    I had occasion to hear the Beethoven
    Project Trio at the Northbrook Library.
    It was an awesome performance. I could
    not attend in New York. Wishing the
    Trio the best in their endeavors.

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