The Joys of YouTube!

I am currently exploring new ways of helping students learn and refine their craft as musicians, by using modern technology to connect even hundreds or thousands of miles away. If you are not located in or near Chicago, yet would like to hear my feedback on your playing, or even simply answer questions about music, career or any other aspect of our musical life, please film yourself playing, or asking your questions, upload the video to YouTube or another website of your choice, and email me the link at glconcert [at] yahoo.com. Your first remote consultation is complimentary. It does not matter if you are young, old, pro or amateur. I am happy to address your situation!

Although my primary occupation is as a performer, I do teach a very small studio of young musicians of all ages in Chicago.  I am always interested in meeting and hearing pianists of any age if they show true signs of commitment to the requirements of learning to play the instrument.  If my schedule allows, I do sometimes accept a new student. Please enquire at glconcerts [at] yahoo.com.

More importantly, I am always very happy to give master classes, as well as occasional lessons for students who are seeking another musical perspective.

For any further information on my teaching activities or to request an audition, please email me through this site or directly at this address: glconcerts [at] yahoo.com.

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